Player of the match: Pat Cummins A big performance in a must-win match from KKR’s big-money signing. Will it be enough to take his side into the playoffs? A nervy couple of days await. That will be all from us tonight. Stay tuned for an update on the scenarios here.

Scenarios update: Incredibly, KKR go from 8th to 4th. Their NRR goes from -0.467 to -0.214 and they have given themselves a good chance, actually, given DC / RCB could lose by a decent margin on Monday. Should that not happen, KKR will hope SRH lose. A nervy two days for Eoin Morgan and Co.

Points table: CSK will not be finishing last, folks!

Team Pld Won Lost Net RR Pts
Q  Mumbai Indians 13 9 4 +1.296 18
2  Royal Challengers Bangalore 13 7 6 -0.145 14
3  Delhi Capitals 13 7 6 -0.159 14
4  Kolkata Knight Riders 14 7 7 -0.214 14
5  Sunrisers Hyderabad 13 6 7 +0.555 12
6  Kings XI Punjab 14 6 8 -0.162 12
7  Chennai Super Kings 14 6 8 -0.455 12
8  Rajasthan Royals 14 6 8 -0.569 12

End of the match: RR finish 131/9, KKR win 60 runs. They had to try and win big to give themselves a chance. Automatic qualification did not happen, but they are in with a good shout now.

After 19 overs, RR 129/9: Good over from Mavi.

WICKET! Tyagi is out, Mavi takes a good return catch. RR 129/9 after 18.2 overs.

After 18 overs, RR 127/8:

WICKET! Archer finds the fielder at long on, Nagarkoti has his first of the night as Mavi takes the catch. The end is near for RR.

After 17 overs, RR 123/7: A couple of boundaries for Gopal off Narine’s over as RR go past the mark that RCB and DC fans wanted them to.

Scenarios update: KKR cannot qualify automatically tonight as RR go past 112. Their NRR cannot go past RCB / DC tonight but they will still want to win by as big a margin as possible here.

After 16 overs, RR 112/7: RCB fans can breathe easy for now.

Rahul Tewatia, the only Indian cricketer to have taken 10+ wickets and scored 250+ runs. What a tournament he has had.   

After 15 overs, RR 107/7: Can Archer hit a big one and take RR past 112? He surely has shown form for that. 2/20 for Varun. Brilliant.

WICKET! Rahul Tewatia is walking back and KKR’s hopes go up again as Varun provides another crucial breakthrough. RR 105/7. “The architect is building a nice reputation for himself,” says Simon Doull. Nice line, that.

RR 101/6 after 14 overs: Good spell from Cummins.

Pat Cummins tonight

 4 overs. 34 runs. 4 wickets. 

 His first 5 deliveries went for 19! Quite the spell in a must-win game.  

RR 96/6 after 13 overs: At this point, Rahul Tewatia is as much playing for RCB and DC (the irony) as much he is for RR.

After 11 overs, RR 81/6: Massive over from Varun. He delivers for his captain. Can RR now do RCB / DC a favour?

Over 10.4, RR 80/6, WICKET! It’s that man Varun Chakravarthy again who provides a key breakthrough for KKR. Buttler is caught in the deep for 35.

After 10 overs, RR 74/5 (Buttler 29, Tewatia 12): a boundary off Nagarkoti for Buttler in that over. Maybe this is not going to go KKR’s way after all.

After 9 overs, RR 66/5 (Buttler 22, Tewatia 11): A massive six for Buttler off Narine. Can he play a miraculous innings here?

Another video of the DK catch because why not:

After 8 overs, RR 56/5 (Buttler 10, Tewatia 13): A couple of boundaries for Tewatia off Nagarkoti. RR’s run-rate, which was 19 after one over, is now back up to 7.

After 7 overs, RR 45/5 (Buttler 9, Tewatia 4): Another tight over, this from Narine. RR are reeling.

After 6 overs, RR 41/5 (Buttler 7, Tewatia 2): A lovely powerplay for KKR comes to an end with a tidy 4-run over from Varun, their main man.

4.6 overs: WICKET! Pat Cummins, who has struggled through the tournament to take early wickets, has produced a dream spell in the powerplay to take his 4th! Parag is out. RR 37/5.

Watch: Dinesh Karthik’s stunning catch

After 4 overs, RR 32/4: A wicket-maiden for Mavi. What a start for KKR. What a start.

Over 3.3: WICKET! Fourth wicket down for RR and this time it’s Mavi who has Samson caught behind. The Rajasthan Royals are collapsing their way out of the tournament.

2.6, WICKET! PAT CUMMINS STRIKES AGAIN! The wicket of Stokes and Smith in one over for KKR’s big-money purchase in the auction. Second time in the tournament, he has Smith’s wicket. Bowled. RR 32/3. Cummins has 3/24.

2.1, RR 27/2: WICKET! WHAT. A. CATCH! Dinesh Karthik pulls off a stunner with the gloves to leave Ben Stokes flabbergasted. Take a look at that dive.

After 2 overs, RR 27/1: It was shaping into a good over from Mavi, but Stokes hits a four to make it a decent one.

There is also the wooden spoon race to keep an eye on:

Over 0.6: WICKET! After conceding 19 runs off the first 5 balls, Cummins dismisses Uthappa off the last ball of the first over. What a start to this run-chase. RR 19/1.

19 runs off the first balls: A six for Uthappa, a ridiculous six by Stokes behind the wickets. RR going for it, it would seem. Cummins needs a breather.

Target: 192: RR need to win in the 14th over for NRR benefits but that is going to be improbable, surely? Will they go for it? Uthappa to face Cummins.

Net run-rate update: KKR have to restrict RR to 116 to have a NRR better than DC, around 112 to have a NRR better than DC. RR have to chase it down with 14 overs to have a NRR better than DC, within 13 overs to have a better NRR than RCB.

KKR: 191/7 (20) Eoin Morgan finishes the innings off in style. After denying a single off the 4th, 5th balls the KKR captain hits a massive six down the ground. Morgan finishes on 68 off 35 balls. What an innings.

And denies two singles off the next two balls!

Morgan on strike, three balls to go.

WICKET! Tyagi with his second wicket. Cummins edges one to Samson and Morgan remains off strike. KKR 184/7 (19.2)

FIFTY! Off just 30 balls for Captain Morgan. Gets there with a six off Ben Stokes. And celebrates the landmark with a six and four. On 62 off 32 balls at the moment. Leading from the front. KKR 182/6 after 19 overs.

After 17 overs, 158/6 (Morgan 45, Cummins 6): A top over from Archer to English captain Morgan and Cummins. Just 5 runs off the bat for Cummins and a painful-looking legbye for Morgan. 1/19 from 4 overs.

After 17 overs, 152/6 (Morgan 45, Cummins 1): An over that started with three dot balls from Stokes (and then almost a brilliant fielding effort to run out Morgan), the England captain makes it a decent one with a four off the last ball. Superbly placed cut shot.

After 16 overs, 146/6: “Tyagi has grown up a bit tonight,” says Mark Nicholas. A great comeback from him after getting hit. All eyes on Morgan now.

SIX, SIX, WICKET! Big one for Tyagi! After conceding back-to-back sixes, the young pacer dismisses DreRuss. The all-rounder went for a big shot again, but is caught at deep cover. Big cry of anguish from the big man. KKR lose their sixth for 144.

The tweets sum up that phase of play.

Brendon McCullum: Andre Russell is nowhere near 100% fit.

Andre Russell in the next five deliveries: 4-6-1-6-6. What a cricketer!

After 15 overs, KKR 132/5: ARCHER vs DRERUSS. Four and six! An outside edge followed by a powerful pull shot. Stand and deliver, from the big man.

Interesting. Brendon McCullum says DreRuss is nowhere near 100% fit for the match, but is hoping he has a go for the next 30 mins.

Archer vs DreRuss, folks!

After 14 overs, KKR 121/5: What an over for KKR. FOUR-FOUR-SIX-SIX! Eoin Morgan on song. He has raced to 40 off 18 balls after a big over against Shreyas Gopal. KKR not taking the foot off the pedal.

Rahul Tewatia tonight: 

 4 overs. 25 runs conceded. 11 dot balls bowled. 3 wickets taken. 

 What a performance in a must-win match.   

Over 12.3: WICKET! You cannot keep Rahul Tewatia out of the match tonight. DK’s poor tournament continues as he is out for a first-ball duck. Inside edge, loops up to Smith at midwicket. What a comeback this is by the Royals. Tewatia has 3/24.

WICKET! After 12 overs, KKR 94/4: Rajasthan Royals get another one! Rahul Tripathi pulls it hard but Robin Uthappa takes a good catch in the deep. Shreyas Gopal gets his first wicket as Tripathi walks back for 39 off 34.

After 11 overs, KKR 88/3 (Tripathi 38, Morgan 11): Another good over by Rahul Tewatia, just four singles from it. The leg-spinner has figures of 2/19 in 3 overs.

After 10 overs, KKR 84/3 (Tripathi 36, Morgan 9): Shot! Skipper Eoin Morgan has come out to counter-attack once again. Kartik Tyagi pitches it short and the left-hander hooks it for six.

Overs 9 – WICKET! KKR 74/3. WICKET! Rahul Tewatia has struck again! This time Sunil Narine attempts a slog off his second ball and finds the fielder at long-on.

Timeout taken. Will KKR keep just going for it? They really should, one thinks.

Overs 8.3 WICKET! KKR 73/2. Intent from Gill, but not the timing to match it. A lofted sweep, goes high but doesn’t have the distance. Tewatia strikes, caught by Buttler. Gill out for 36 off 24 balls.

After 8 overs, KKR 68/1 (Gill 36, Tripathi 29): A tidy first over by Tyagi. Just four off it.

After 7 overs, KKR 64/1 (Gill 34, Tripathi 27): Tewatia comes on and Tripathi helps himself to a six down the ground in that over. The runs keep coming for KKR.

In the powerplay today:

 Jofra Archer: 2-0-3-1 

Others: 4-0-50-0 (9 fours, 1 six)  

Two extras.

After 6 overs, KKR 55/1 (Gill 33, Tripathi 20): A boundary each for Gill and Tripathi in that Aaron over. Oh, Royals.

After 5 overs, KKR 43/1 (Gill 27, Tripathi 16): Stokes comes on and Tripathi finishes that over with a six over fine leg. A lovely pull shot off a bouncer that just clears the fielder.

Story of RR‘s season so far. Archer has breathed fire from one end, going for 3 runs in his 2 overs. The other 2 bowlers have gone for 29 in their 2 overs conceding 7 boundaries.

After 4 overs, KKR 32/1 (Gill 23, Tripathi 9): Freedom for Tripathi, says Gavaskar. As Shreyas Gopal comes into the attack, Tripathi gets going with two boundaries after Gill also hit two fours in that over. 17 off it.

After 3 overs, KKR 15/1 (Gill 14, Tripathi 1): Another top Jofra over. Tripathi was like a cat on a hot tin roof in that Archer over. He is stuck at the moment, trying to get off the strike but unable to. On 1 off 8 balls.

After 2 overs, KKR 13/1 (Gill 13, Tripathi 0): After another sensational first over from Jofra, Gill takes on Aaron in the second to make a statement that he is keen to make an impact. Two boundaries for the young KKR batsman in that over.

IPL 2020 points table: Kings XI Punjab eliminated after defeat against CSK

After 2 overs, KKR 13/1 (Gill 13, Tripathi 0): After another sensational first over from Jofra, Gill takes on Aaron in the second to make a statement that he is keen to make an impact.

IPL 2020 points table: Kings XI Punjab eliminated after defeat against CSK

Over 0.2 , KKR 1/1: WICKET! YET AGAIN, JOFRA STRIKES IN THE FIRST OVER! Wow. What a player. A lovely short ball that takes the outside edge of Nitish Rana (out for a golden duck again!). And ridiculously, it must be said, Rana wastes the review on his way back.

Jofra Archer has the ball in hand... here we go. This could be a cracker.

7.08 pm: Kings XI Punjab have been eliminated from the tournament as Chennai Super Kings beat them by nine wickets. Read here.

7.06 pm: Playing XIs
KKR: Shubman Gill, Nitish Rana, Sunil Narine, Eoin Morgan (c), Dinesh Karthik (w), Andre Russell, Rahul Tripathi, Pat Cummins, Kamlesh Nagarkoti, Shivam Mavi, Varun Chakravarthy.
RR: Robin Uthappa, Ben Stokes, Sanju Samson (w), Steven Smith (c), Jos Buttler, Riyan Parag, Rahul Tewatia, Jofra Archer, Shreyas Gopal, Varun Aaron, Kartik Tyagi.

7.02 pm: TOSS – Steve Smith has won the toss and RR will bowl first! Good news for KKR fans, Andre Russell is back!

6.56 pm: Here are a few scenarios (with approximate NRR):
RR score 175 in 20 overs and win by 55 runs, their NRR will be better than DC (and 57 runs, better than RCB).
KKR score 150 runs in 20 overs, RR chase in 14 overs for NRR to be -0.157, in 13 for -0.125.
KKR score 175 in 20 overs, need to win by 75 runs to be better than DC (80 or so to be better than RCB).
RR score 175 in 20 overs, then KKR need to chase in 10 overs for NRR to be -0.135.
RR score 120 in 20 overs, then KKR need to chase in 10 overs for NRR to be -0.136.

06.50 pm: Hello and welcome to the live coverage of match No 54 in the Indian Premier League, season 13. It’s a battle between Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals, who will look to reach 14 points.

Read the match preview here.

Playoffs qualification scenarios explained here. We will be keeping an eye on the result of KXIP vs CSK before updating that.

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