Policemen in the United Kingdom have issued a “wanted” poster for a BBC weather reporter after his snow forecast proved to be wrong. The Craigavon Police in Northern Ireland also announced a reward of two doughnuts for anyone who gives information about Barra Best. “Wanted for building false hopes of children and cops in Craigavon, Barra ‘dream destroyer’ Best,” reads the poster that the police have put up on their Facebook page.

The Facebook post was shared more than 500 times. “Barra you may hand yourself in now. We will find you. We know there are many front rooms across Craigavon you’ll be making an appearance in over the coming days. You broke our snow craving hearts. Craigavon is after you!” the post read.

Best’s snow forecast for the end of last week wasn’t as widespread as expected, according to BBC. Best has responded to the police’s appeal to him to surrender. “You better get the Feds and Interpol involved. I’m snowwhere to be found.”