A doctor of Indian origin was convicted by the Glasgow High Court on Thursday for sexually harassing 48 female patients in Scotland, PTI reported.

Krishna Singh, 72, was accused of assault, groping, giving inappropriate examinations, kissing, and making sleazy comments about his patients. He was arrested and subsequently charged by Scotland Police in April 2018, after a woman reported him.

Sentencing has been deferred to next month, and Singh’s bail will be processed once he surrenders his passport, PTI reported.

“The Crown case is that Dr Singh was in a routine of offending against women,” said prosecutor Angela Gray to the court, PTI reported. “Sometimes subtle or camouflaged, other times obvious and flagrant. Sexual offending was part of his working life.”

Singh had pleaded innocent during his trial in Glasgow. He claimed that the patients were wrong, and he was following the medical training he received in India while treating them.

“Krishna Singh was a doctor, and in a position of trust, at the time he carried out this sexual abuse,” said Detective Inspector Stephen Morris of the Specialist Crime Division. “The victims have shown great courage in coming forward with vital information, making sure he was held accountable for his actions, and ultimately convicted. His predatory behaviour was appalling for a man in his position.”

Singh was awarded the royal Member of the Order of the British Empire honour for his contribution to medical services, and was seen as a respectable member of the community before the allegations came to light, PTI reported.