The Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation has banned residents from keeping dog breeds pitbull, rottweiler and dogo argentino as pets, PTI reported on Monday.

The civic body passed the order on Saturday following a series of attacks on humans by pitbulls.

The order also said that those who already own dogs of the three breeds will need to register them with the civic authority within two months, The Indian Express reported.

“Owners will not be able to buy new dogs,” deputy chief veterinary officer Anuj Singh said. “The existing ones will have to be properly sterilised, vaccinated and registered. If the deadline [of two months] is violated, then owners would have to give away the dog elsewhere or sell it.”

The civic body has also stated that a maximum of two dogs can be kept as pets in flats. Dog owners will be responsible for cleaning up after their pets. Further, muzzles will be mandatory in public parks and elevators.

Residents who have dogs of the three breeds will also have to give an undertaking that they would neuter the pets when they reach six months of age.

Meanwhile, Resident Welfare Associations have been directed to demarcate a specific feeding area for stray dogs, according to The Indian Express.

On October 12, an 11-year-old girl was injured in Ghaziabad’s Civitech Society after being attacked by a pitbull dog, The Times of India reported. In September, a 10-year-old boy got 150 stitches on his mouth and nose after being attacked by a pitbull.

The civic body in Haryana’s Panchkula city also passed a similar order banning residents from keeping pitbulls and rottweilers as pets on September 29.

An animal rescuer, Nikhil Mahesh, said that the Ghaziabad civic body’s order was an incorrect step.

“Why blame the breed?” he reportedly said. “I have rescued many pit bulls and Rottweilers which were absolutely friendly. The problem lies with owners not knowing how to manage the dog. No breed is born aggressive. If they are not trained and made social, then you will face challenges.”