The Special Investigation Team formed to inquire into the Coimbatore blast arrested a sixth person on Thursday, the police said, ANI reported.

The accused person, identified as 28-year-old Afsar Khan, is a relative of the blast’s suspected mastermind Jamesha Mubeen, The Hindu reported.

Apart from Khan, Mohammad Thalka (25), Mohammad Asarudheen (25), Mohammad Riyaz (27), Feroz Ismail (27) and Mohammad Navaz Ismail (27) have also been arrested in the case.

On October 23, an explosion took place near a temple in Ukkadam, a sensitive area of the city, in a car that contained liquefied petroleum gas cylinders and some other materials, including nails. Mubeen was driving the car and killed in the blast.

During the investigation, the police recovered explosive materials such as potassium nitrate, aluminium powder, sulphur, and charcoal from Mubeen’s home, raising questions if the explosion was part of a terror plot.

An unidentified senior police officer claimed that Khan helped Mubeen to mix raw materials. Mubeen carried the mixture in the exploded car in three small cans along with nails and marbles. Two liquified petroleum gas cylinders were also in the car of which one exploded.

On Wednesday, the police searched Khan’s home and seized a laptop that was examined by the cyber cell. It is suspected that he used the device to order the raw materials online.

Coimbatore Police Commissioner V Balakrishnan said they have invoked the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act against the accused in the case, ANI reported.

“The materials recovered from the deceased’s house are the ingredients for making low-explosive bombs,” he added. “The forensic team has taken samples. Once the report comes, it can be ascertained what kind of explosives were used.”

Meanwhile, the Tamil Nadu government on Wednesday said it will recommend the case to the National Investigation Agency. The decision was taken keeping in mind the possible national and international ramifications of the incidents, the government added.