Four persons were killed in a firing incident at the Bathinda Military Station in Punjab on Wednesday morning, PTI reported.

According to the Army, the incident took place around 4.35 am.

“Station quick reaction teams were activated and the area has been cordoned off and sealed,” the Army said. “Search operations are in progress currently.”

Punjab Additional Director General of Police SPS Parmar told PTI that the incident was not a terrorist attack. “It is not an attack from outside,” he said. “It is a fratricidal incident.”

The four slain personnel who died were sleeping when the firing took place near the barracks, The Hindu reported. The jawans have been identified as Sagar Banne (25), Kamalesh R (24), Yogesh Kumar J (24) and Santosh M Nagaral (25), said Bathinda Superintendent of Police (Detective) Ajay Gandhi.

Deferred visuals shared by ANI showed the gates of the military station having been closed following the incident.

The Indian Army said that no other injuries to personnel or damage to property was reported, according to ANI.

“The area continues to be sealed off and joint investigations with Punjab Police are being coordinated to establish the facts of the case,” the Army said. “All aspects including the possible case of involvement of an INSAS rifle along with 28 rounds reported missing two days back are being ascertained.”

The Army said that the families of those who were killed in the firing are being informed. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has also been briefed about the incident, PTI reported.