United States Republican frontrunner Donald Trump believes he could stand on New York’s Fifth Avenue and “shoot somebody” and still keep his voter base intact. Trump made the brash statement on Saturday while speaking in the key state of Iowa nine days before the first nominating contest is held there. Through his campaign, Trump has been confident that he will not be outdone his political rivals in the GOP.

The New York city billionaire’s closest rivals Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio chose not to respond directly to his comments. Cruz, who has 26% of the Republican vote share as against Trump’s 40%, simply said: “Listen, I will let Donald speak for himself. I can say I have no intention of shooting anybody in this campaign.”

Rubio, who is in third place, won a campaign-boosting endorsement from influential local newspaper Des Moines Register. The paper also pipped Hillary Clinton for victory ahead of Bernie Sanders among the Democrats.