On the fifth day of his deposition via videoconference, Pakistani-American terror accused David Headley continued providing details of his movements and actions in India before the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks. Headley told a Mumbai court that when he came in to India before the attacks, he realised that people at Siddhivinayak temple wore coloured threads around their wrists. He took these threads back to Pakistan and asked the attackers to wear them as part of their disguise. However, Headley said he discouraged the operatives from targeting Siddhivanayak temple as it would require too many attackers at one site.

Moreover, he described the rationale behind the terror strike as “revenge for India’s bomb attacks in Pakistan”. He claimed LeT operative Zaki-ur-Rehman had told him this. He also said that Major Iqbal of the ISI wanted him to recruit people from the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre to get information from there. He visited and videographed BARC in 2008.

He disclosed that the while he was in Mumbai, he examined both Cuffe Parade, Marine Drive and Worli as landing sites and finally zeroed in on Cuffe Parade. He also said that the LeT was unhappy that Mumbai airport was not chosen as an attack site. He also said that he was interested in developing a rappot with a Shiv Sena member because he thought the LeT might want to attack the Sena Bhavan in the future.