The organising committee of the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro has said it will charge national delegations to fit mosquito screens in athletes’ rooms, reported Reuters. Amid the outbreak of Zika in Brazil and other parts of Latin America, the screens will be installed in communal areas "where required", but only affixed to lodging if national delegations decide to pay for it, the committee said.

It did not reveal how much the mosquito screens would cost or what type they would use. The screens attached to windows with Velcro can cost as little as $15 (approximately Rs 1,000), while more durable ones can be priced over $100 (Rs 6,880), according to the report. The committee said that mosquito repellent will be available in lodging areas and all athletes’ rooms will be air conditioned.

Earlier this month, Australia's Olympic team said it had signed a sponsorship deal with a mosquito repellent maker to supply its athletes with the deterrent. Brazil's Olympic committee has decided to pay for the mosquito screens for its delegation of more than 400 athletes. It has also asked sports apparel maker Nike to supply more long-sleeve clothing for its athletes.