Some matches in the forthcoming European Championship, slated to be held later in France in June this year, could be moved to different venues and rescheduled without an audience as a response to terror threats, the European governing body for football the Union of European Football Associations announced on Tuesday.

These contingency plans were made after last year's terror attack in Paris which killed over 130 people. Suicide bombers tried to the enter the Stade de France during a France friendly against Germany and detonated devices just outside the stadium. The following week, a Germany-Netherlands game was called off.

"It's possible that matches will be postponed or played later because of security reasons or terror attacks," UEFA tournament director Martin Kallen told The Associated Press. "If there is a security issue, we will need to play the match without fans. If you have to move a lot of spectators, they may not have time to go to the match."

France continues to remain in a state of emergency, which was recently extended till March 26.