The Chennai Police, which was asked to take over the S Swathi murder case, on Thursday released a high-resolution picture of the suspect. The police took the help of a digital forensic firm in Hyderabad to come out with these images. In the pictures, the lean and brown-skinned man looks between 25 and 30 years old, reported The Indian Express. The police has been unable to make much progress in the case so far because the closed-circuit television footage they had before was of poor quality.

"Going by the CCTV footage, the suspect enters the premises at 6.31 am and is seen walking out at 6.42 am. He spent just 11 minutes, which includes the time he took to walk to and from the crime scene to the surveillance camera location. Maybe, he spent barely two or three minutes waiting for the victim and attacking her,” said an official.

Police are now questioning fellow passengers to identify the culprit. On Wednesday, the police said that Infosys employee's killer had been stalking her since May. However, her family had not filed a police complaint. On Tuesday, the investigators had questioned more than 100 people and shortlisted around 20 as probable suspects, reported the Times of India.

Swathi was hacked to death on a platform in Nungambakkam railway station in Chennai around 6.30 am on June 24. The 24-year-old was waiting to catch a train to work when the incident took place.

The Madras High Court transferred the case to the Chenna Police from the Railway Police to Chennai Police on June 27 after they failed to make any breakthroughs in the case.