A chemical called triacetone triperoxide, or TATP, was found in the house of an Islamic State suspect who was arrested on Wednesday, the National Investigation Agency claimed. The chemical can be made using other easily available sources and is often used as part of explosive devices, according to a report in The Hindu. Investigators also found large amounts of acetone, hydrogen peroxide and sulphuric acid, the primary ingredients of TATP.

Five of the 11 men detained were arrested. NIA officials said they had intercepted phone calls in which the men planned inciting communal violence and setting off multiple blasts in Hyderabad. NIA chief Sharad Kumar had said the suspects “were in touch with an Islamic State handler known as Yusuf al-Hindi, who is believed to be Syria.” The NIA recovered enough chemicals that could have been used to make anywhere between 40 to 50 explosive devices, reports said.