India seems to be “stuck in the shadow” of the 1962 Indo-China war and continues to believe that China does not want to see it grow, an article in a Chinese publication said on Monday. The Global Times report criticised the way China appeared to be the only country blamed for India's failure to join the Nuclear Suppliers Group. It also decried China being portrayed as “anti-India and pro-Pakistan”.

“New Delhi may have misunderstood Beijing, which can make a big difference in its strategic decisions…Only by seeking common development between China and India can the two build a new international order and form an Asian century,” the article said, emphasising the need to improve relations between the two neighbouring countries.

China had led the group of countries that opposed India’s bid to join the NSG, in a plenary meeting of the global monitoring body in Seoul on June 23-24. The main opposition to India's membership was that it is not a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, a prerequisite for joining the NSG.

The Global Times, which functions under the ruling Communist Party of China’s official publication People’s Daily, had in an earlier reported called India a “spoilt” and “smug” nation. It had defended China’s decision to block India’s NSG candidature, saying it was a “morally legitimate” move. It had also questioned the West for backing India so strongly.