A look at the headlines right now:

  1. India not a ‘fragile economy’, has the capacity to fully implement demonetisation, says Arun Jaitley: The finance minister said the discontinuation of high-value notes would have long-term benefits.
  2. Rahul Gandhi visits DMK chief M Karunanidhi in hospital: Congress leaders P Chidambaram and Su Thirunavukarasar accompanied him.
  3. Pakistan rules out accepting any change to Indus Waters Treaty with India: Special Assistant to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Tariq Fatemi said Islamabad’s position was based ‘on the principles enshrined in the treaty’.  
  4. Corrupt people are protected by the Congress, says Ravi Shankar Prasad: The Union Law Minister accused Rahul Gandhi of ‘crossing [the] limits of dignity’ and doing nothing against black money and graft.
  5. Do not fill Nusli Wadia’s position even if he is voted out of three Tata companies, says HC: The court said the post must be left vacant till a suit by four minority shareholders against his removal is resolved.
  6. Three students of Delhi’s St. Stephen’s drown in Periyar river during college trip to Kerala: The manager of their resort also died while trying to save them.
  7. Panic, protests and looting in Venezuela after its government demonetises currency: Citizens demonstrated on the streets, demanding that shops and other businesses accept their old 100-bolivar notes.
  8. US offers $25 million for information on Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghadi: This is more than double the reward amount announced in 2011.
  9. Activist Angela Davis appeals to Pranab Mukherjee to repeal AFSPA in Kashmir: At a press conference in Mumbai, she called the law an instrument of oppression and a symbol of state power and militarisation.
  10. Anne Frank may not have been betrayed to Nazis, but discovered by chance, say researchers: The Amsterdam museum dedicated to the Holocaust diarist said her safe house might have been raided over a ration fraud.