Security officials on Saturday detained a Jaisalmer-based farmer over suspicions that he is a Pakistani inter-services intelligence agent, PTI reported. Officials have seized documents found in 55-year-old Hazi Khan’s possession in Kunjarali
village. While PTI reported that a team from the Rajasthan Police intelligence wing detained Khan, ANI claimed a team of Army and Anti-Terrorism Squad personnel took him in.

Khan is reportedly being interrogated. Vital information and incriminating documents found in his possession are being authenticated, Deputy Inspector General (security) H Raghvendra Suhasaa told PTI. Khan has reportedly visited Pakistan three times and is suspected of having links with Islamabad’s agency.

An official told PTI that they suspect Khan relayed important data related to the Indian Army and Air Force to Islamabad. “His name emerged following interrogation of two spies Haji Khan and Sadik Khan, who were arrested earlier this year under the Official Secret Act,” the official said.

While Khan was detained earlier, he was let off on account of the lack of evidence against him, the official said. He has not been arrested yet.