A local Bajrang Dal leader in Bhopal, who was caught by the police for allegedly drinking in public, was released after Bajrang Dal cadre created a commotion outside the city’s Habibganj police station, NDTV reported on Sunday. Police officials said that they let Kamlesh Thakur leave because around 50 supporters of the Bajrang Dal created an uproar outside the police station.

Following this, Thakur addressed a press conference at the police station, and claimed that he was innocent. “I told the police that I came here for shopping but they stopped me,” he said. “When I argued, they locked me inside the police station. I asked them who the complainant was but they did not have an answer.”

However, a police officer said that Thakur was drinking at the local market when the police questioned him. He allegedly abused the police officials and even manhandled them.

However, as members of the Bajrang Dal landed up at the police station, a senior officer was rushed there to handle the situation. “There is some misunderstanding”, CM Dwivedi said. “We will see if there is any wrongdoing. Then, a case will be registered.”

Bhopal (South) district police chief Sidharth Bahuguna said a case had been registered against Thakur and others, for using criminal force to prevent a government official from carrying out his duty, obstructing a public servant and for public nuisance.