A court in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, sentenced a man to life imprisonment on Friday for murdering his wife in 2010, The Times of India reported. On Thursday, Rajesh Gulati, who worked in the IT sector, was convicted for murdering his wife Anupama, cutting her into 72 pieces and hiding parts of her body in a deep freezer for two months.

SK Mohanty, appearing for Anupama Gulati’s brother Sujan Pradhan, said they may approach the Uttarakhand High Court and appeal for the death penalty for the murderer. “We have not read the judgment yet, but it should be been treated as a rarest of rare case,” the lawyer said, according to The Indian Express.

In October 2010, Rajesh Gulati hit his wife’s head on the wall after a fight at their house in Dehradun. He then smothered her to death with a pillow and used a an electric saw to cut her body into pieces. The convict bought a deep freezer to store her body parts. He threw them away in polythene bags at various locations in the city.

Two months later, Anupama Gulati’s brother questioned him about his sister, after which the murderer told the police she was missing. Rajesh Gulati confessed to the crime while being interrogated by the police the next day.

The couple have twins, a boy and a girl, who were four-years-old at the time Anupama Gulati was brutally murdered.