IndiGo on Sunday apologised after a passenger fell off her wheelchair while being pushed by an employee at the Lucknow airport on Saturday. The incident comes just days after the airline came under fire after a video of its ground staff assaulting a 53-year-old passenger at the New Delhi airport was circulated.

“We apologise to Ms Urvashi Parikh Viren for the mishap at the Lucknow Airport,” the airline said. “Our IndiGo representative was pushing her wheelchair towards the arrival hall. As he was guiding her wheelchair through a vehicular lane, which was dimly lit, her wheelchair got stuck in a deep crack on the tarmac, lost balance and she fell off.”

IndiGo said Parikh had asked the company to deal with the staff with empathy as it was not a human error. The woman’s family, however, complained about the incident on Twitter.