The Delhi Medical Council has issued notices to nine doctors and two nurses of Max Hospital in the city’s Shalimar Bagh area, where a baby was wrongly declared dead in November, PTI reported on Saturday. The council sent the notices on December 20 and has asked for a response in 15 days.

“Earlier, based on media reports, we asked the hospital for a reply about the case,” a senior council official told PTI. “This time, we want individual responses from the doctors and nurses.”

The council said it sent its latest notices after some media reports alleged medical negligence by doctors at the hospital. It had sent the notice to the hospital the same day the facility resumed operations after being shut down for 10 days.

The government cancelled the hospital’s licence after the negligence case surfaced. But 10 days later, on December 20, the hospital resumed operations saying the “appropriate appellate authority” it had appealed to had stayed the cancellation.

The babies’ deaths

A baby and his twin sister were born prematurely at the Shalimar Bagh hospital on November 30. Doctors had declared them stillborn. But when the parents were on their way to a crematorium, they found the boy still alive.

They took him to another hospital, but the baby died.

The parents alleged that Max Hospital not only wrongly declared their children dead, but also handed them the babies in a plastic bag.