Retail inflation in India rose to 5.21% in December 2017 compared to that in December 2016, data released by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation showed on Friday. The Consumer Price Index inflation, which measures the change in retail prices, had increased to a 15-month high of 4.88% in November 2017.

The Consumer Price Index inflation for rural areas was 5.27% in December 2017, while that for urban areas was 5.09% as compared to that in December 2016. Both these figures are higher than those in November.

Retail food prices rose by 4.96% in December 2017 as compared to 4.35% in November. The figures for rural and urban areas in December were 5.08% and 4.71%.

Among the 12 sub-groups in the food and beverages category, 10 showed a rise in prices. Vegetable prices rose the most in December – by 29.13%. While cost of eggs surged 9.48%, prices of pulses declined by as much as 23.47%, and spices by 2.21%.