A Delhi court on Monday sentenced Hindi film actor Rajpal Yadav to six months in jail in connection with seven loan-recovery cases filed against him and his wife, reported PTI. However, he was granted bail almost immediately.

Yadav’s cheques to a Delhi-based businessman reportedly bounced seven times. His wife was also found guilty but was not sent to jail as she had reportedly signed those cheques at Yadav’s insistence. The court asked the actor to pay Rs 11.2 crore and directed his wife Radha Yadav to pay Rs 70 lakh.

Yadav said that he would appeal this sentence. “I respect the court’s judgement. I will appeal in the higher court,” he said, according to India Today.

The court said the couple took a Rs 5-crore loan from a company called Murli Projects in 2010. They were to repay Rs 8 crore, including the principal and the interest, by June 30, 2011.

The court said that when the couple failed to repay the amount they came up with a fresh schedule of payment. They reportedly agreed to pay the interest that had accrued over and above Rs 8 eight crore they were expected to pay back. “It is in these circumstances, the convicts handed the impugned cheques to the complainant which all got dishonoured in 2013,” said the court. “Complainant has been litigating this matter for last five years. As per a high court order of 2016, settlement was agreed upon by both the parties by which Yadav had to pay Rs 10.40 crore to the complainant but the amount has still not been paid.”