Three of 11 people who have died so far after Cyclone Mekuna struck Oman and Yemen have been identified as Indians. The Ministry of External Affairs in Oman said on Sunday that the body of one Indian had been identified. The governor of Yemen’s Socotra said two Indian sailors had died in the storm, AFP reported.

More than 30 people including Indians are missing in Oman since Cyclone Mekunu made landfall on Friday, officials said. Over 230 families in Oman have been relocated to better buildings. The Indian embassy in Oman said officials are searching for an Indian identified as Madhu. “There is no report of casualties among expatriates,” the embassy tweeted.

India’s Ministry of External Affairs said embassy officials had arranged for food for 460 people (145 Indians and 315 Bangladeshi nationals) at a camp in Taqah.

Oman’s meteorology directorate said that “the direct effects of the tropical system are over” and downgraded the storm to a “deep depression”. Salalah’s airport opened on Sunday after being closed for three days. The city’s port remains closed.

Socotra’s governor Ramzy Mahrous said five Yemenis had died on the island apart from the two Indians.