Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Monday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of helping industrialists and ignoring the interests of farmers in the country.

“In a year, Modiji gave the industrialists Rs 2.5 lakh crore, but the farmer did not get a rupee,” Gandhi said in reference to waiving loans to industrialists. He was addressing the National OBC Convention in Delhi.

He said farmers and labourers were not getting their due and that the Congress will open its doors to people from all sections of the society, reported The Indian Express.

Gandhi said “rich capitalists” will donate thousands of crores to Modi and “benefits will go to just those 15-20 rich people”. He further said that the people who actually work in India remain “behind the scenes”. “In our country, one person works and the other gains the benefit,” he said, according to The Indian Express. “While one has the talent, other walks away with the credit.”

He claimed that India was becoming a slave to select Bharatiya Janata Party leaders and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. “Everyone including MPs is afraid to speak,” Gandhi said. “And those of us who do speak, the BJP does not listen to. Only RSS is given a hearing,”

Gandhi said Modi’s remark that members of the Other Backward Classes lacked skills was a lie. “There is no shortage of skill in OBC class,” he said, adding that there was a dearth of capital. “Why are the banks not open to our farmers and small businesses? There is no dearth of skills among OBC communities, but they lack capital.”

Gandhi said the Congress has always stood by the OBC community and will continue to strive for their rights.

The Congress president claimed that smaller businessmen couldn’t grow in India and used the example of Coca-Cola to illustrate his point. Gandhi spoke about the origins of the global brand, saying the company was started by a “person who sold lemonade in the [United States].” “He would mix sugar in water. He was respected for his skill, raised money and started Coca-Cola.”

He claimed that fast food chain McDonald’s was started by a man who ran a dhaba, and that car manufacturing companies like Ford, Mercedes and Honda were started by mechanics. “Show me one company in India that was started by a mechanic,” he said.

Gandhi used an analogy of a bus to explain the difference between his party and the BJP, reported The Indian Express. “The Congress party puts people in a bus, gives them the key and tells them to drive it,” he said, adding that the BJP puts people in a bus and lets the RSS drive.

He further said that entire opposition will unite in six months to make the BJP realise that India will be run by its people and not just three people – Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and Mohan Bhagwat, reported the daily.