Unidentified assailants stabbed the wife of a Peoples Democratic Party worker inside her home in Jammu and Kashmir’s Bandipora district on Sunday night, the Hindustan Times reported. The 45-year-old woman died in a Srinagar hospital early on Monday.

The police have filed a case and an investigation is under way.

Some masked men armed with knives and a pistol tried to rob gold and money from PDP worker Abdul Majeed Dar’s home in Shahgund village. When his wife Shakeela Begum confronted them, they stabbed her in the throat. She was taken to hospital in a critical condition.

“As per preliminary investigation and according to her husband, the men barged into the house and forced them to open lockers and took away money and gold,” Bandipora Superintendent of Police Sheikh Zulfikar Azad told the Hindustan Times. “When the woman tried to resist she was attacked by a knife in her neck.”

Some reports said the assailants wanted to abduct Dar.