The Unique Identification Authority of India on Friday allowed banks more time to start ensuring a minimum stipulated number of enrolments and revisions of Aadhaar data daily, PTI reported. Bank branches designated as enrolment and data updating centres must now ensure at least eight such instances from November 1, instead of July 1 as the Aadhaar body had said earlier.

On June 1, the UIDAI had asked such bank branches to complete at least eight daily enrolments or data revisions from July 1, twelve per day from October 1, and 16 per day from January 2019. Banks not meeting the targets would face financial disincentives, the UIDAI had said. Banks were asked to create Aadhaar centres in one out of every 10 branches.

The letter the UIDAI has now sent to banks asks them to ensure a minimum of 12 enrolments or revisions of data per day per branch from January 2019 and 16 from April 2019. Banks that are able to meet the revised targets from November will not face disincentives for the period between July and October, said the Aadhaar authority.

“Banks who achieve the target of minimum eight Aadhaar enrolment/updations per day per branch in the month of November 2018 will be exempted from financial disincentives up to October 2018,” the UIDAI said.

If a bank “fails to meet the above target of carrying out minimum enrolment/updation per day per branch, financial disincentive in respect of uncovered branches as on last day of the month will be levied from the month of July 2018 onwards”, said the UIDAI.

“To further incentivise banks for setting up Aadhaar enrolment centres in their identified branches and provide convenience to their customers, it has been decided that the banks which meet the minimum Aadhaar enrolment/update targets shall continue to avail UIDAI’s authentication and eKYC [Know Your Customer] service free of cost,” UIDAI said.