A man was hacked to death with an axe in public in Hyderabad’s Attapur Road on Wednesday, Times Now reported. Witnesses said there were at least three policemen around, but they did not help much. The police have arrested two people and begun an investigation.

The incident took place near Pillar 143 of the PV Narasimha Rao Expressway. In a 21-second video, the victim, identified as 35-year-old Ramesh, is seen being attacked with an axe 13 times even as vehicles, including a police van, pass by.

A passer-by could be seen trying to stop the attackers by throwing a helmet, while another tried to restrain them by kicking them from behind. A traffic policeman can also be seen trying to stop the assailants but without success.

Later, one of the assailants pumps his hands in the air and struck a pose of victory. In another video, shot from the other side of the road, the assailants are seen getting ready to sit on their bike and leave the spot.

The victim is reportedly accused of killing a man named Mahesh Goud in Shamshabad. Deputy Commissioner of Police Prakash Reddy told The News Minute that Ramesh and Goud were neighbours and had enmity over a woman. Wednesday’s attackers, reportedly history-sheeters, are believed to be Goud’s relatives.

When asked why the policemen present at the spot did not take action, Reddy told NDTV: “Two policemen went to get their batons. By the time they returned, it was too late. Both the accused have been arrested.”

This is the second such incident in the city in 10 days. On September 19, a newly-married couple was allegedly attacked by the woman’s father riding a bike in Hyderabad.