Union minister Babul Supriyo on Wednesday accused West Bengal Police of threatening singer Shaan that they would cancel his concert if Supriyo attended the event. The concert was held on Wednesday in Asansol, which is Supriyo’s constituency.

The singer-turned-politician claimed that Asansol Police called up Shaan and threatened to cancel his licence for the show. “[I] Am in Kolkata today,” Supriyo said in a series of tweets. “Thought of going to Asansol to watch the concert of singer Shaan and KK together...now Shaan just called me to say that police officers woke him up from sleep, threatening to cancel the license to the show if I go to watch it! Infuriated.”

He claimed it was absurd that a citizen and an elected representative cannot visit his own constituency.

The mayor of Asansol and Trinamool Congress leader Jitendra Tiwari said the allegations were “completely baseless and politically motivated”, PTI reported.