The Rajasthan Police on Friday arrested a nurse who botched a delivery in Jaisalmer’s Ramgarh, causing the baby’s body to be split into two. Earlier on Friday, the police had filed a case against the nurse, identified as Amrit Lal, and his coworker, Jhujhaar Singh. Singh is currently absconding, NDTV reported.

Jaisalmer Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr BL Bunkar said that the two nurses have been suspended. “The doctor on duty Dr Nikhil Sharma, who was not called for the delivery, has been removed and put on ‘awaiting posting orders’,” he added.

Lal pulled out the newborn with immense force during the delivery, the parents alleged. The hospital authorities then allegedly hid the part of the body they had pulled out, and sent the woman to another hospital in Jodhpur. Tilok Bhati, the father, claimed that the Ramgarh hospital staff were inebriated and misbehaved with them.

The police said the baby was pulled out with such force that the head tore and got stuck inside the womb.

The doctors at Jodhpur’s Umaid Hospital realised that there had been a botch-up and informed the parents, who then filed a police complaint. Dr Ranjana Desai, Superintendent at Umaid Hospital, told NDTV that the woman is doing well and does not seem to be under trauma.