Bharatiya Janata Party MP Udit Raj on Monday said that the identity of those accused of sexual harassment should be kept anonymous until the investigation into the allegations is completed. He cited the alleged suicide of a Noida executive who was accused of sexual harassment.

“Indian society is unlike others and hence the names of males [should] also be kept secret in sexual harassment [cases] until the investigation is completed,” Raj tweeted.

Raj claimed that Genpact assistant vice president Swaroop Raj ended his life “under pressure” and that even if an investigation into claims against him exonerated him, the “scar will remain”.

In October 2018, the legislator had said a campaign by women on social media to reveal the name of sexual harassers, which came to be dubbed India’s #MeToo movement, is a “wrong practice”. Udit Raj, who represents Northwest Delhi in the Lok Sabha, had also tweeted in support of veteran actor Nana Patekar against whom actor Tanushree Dutta has levelled sexual harassment allegations.

From October 5, 2018, dozens of women had taken to social media to give detailed accounts of the sexual harassment and misconduct they have faced across several sectors such as advertising, Tamil and Hindi film industries, the field of arts, music and dance, publishing, journalism, sports, religion and non-profit organisations.

However, earlier this month, Raj had said he is happy that two women of menstruating age were able to enter the Sabarimala temple and pray there. There have been massive protests ever since the Supreme Court allowed women of all ages to enter the shrine, where the entry of women of menstruating age has traditionally been banned.