A leopard cub was seized from a passenger from Bangkok at the Chennai international airport on Saturday. The Customs in Chennai said the one-month-old female cub was handed over to the forest department and will be rehabilitated at the Vandalur Zoo in Chennai.

Customs Commission Rajan Chaudhary said Kaja Moideen, a 45-year-old man from Chennai, was arrested, NDTV reported. Moideen allegedly brought the cub in his checked-in luggage, reported The Times of India.

An unidentified Air Intelligence Unit official said they had stopped the passenger when he was seen hurriedly leaving after collecting his luggage, reported NDTV. Officials reportedly heard faint cries from the luggage and opened his bag to find the leopard cub in a pink basket.

Moideen was arrested and handed over to the Tamil Nadu Forest Department for further inquiry, reported The Hindu.