Congress MP Shashi Tharoor on Thursday accused former All India Institute of Medical Sciences forensic chief Sudhir Gupta of hiding the postmortem report of his wife Sunanda Pushkar, PTI reported. He has been accused of abetting her suicide.

Pushkar was found dead in a New Delhi hotel in January 2014. Tharoor has claimed the charges against him were “preposterous and baseless” and a product of a “malicious and vindictive campaign”.

Vikas Pahwa, Tharoor’s lawyer, cited the prosecution’s report while presenting his arguments. “Original documents are with Dr Sudhir Gupta who no longer works with AIIMS,” Pahwa said. “Those documents should not be with him. How can he carry documents wherever he goes? Those documents needed to be filed in the court.”

Pahwa said the documents have been deliberately concealed. “Gupta is flashing the documents to the media,” the lawyer said. “Each and every document on which the reliance is placed should be given.”

Dr Gupta told The Indian Express that all reports had been submitted to the Delhi Police. “By making this allegation, Tharoor is misleading the court,” Gupta said.

The court allowed Tharoor to remain absent from the hearing for the day.
The court has listed the matter for March 15.