West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday continued her attacks on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying he should be ousted from politics and his mouth should be sealed with tape.

“In this election, people would stick a Leukoplast [a surgical adhesive tape] on his lips so that he is not able to tell lies,” she said, according to PTI. “For the sake of the country he should not only be ousted from his chair but also from politics.”

Addressing a rally in West Bengal’s Nagrakata, the Trinamool Congress chief alleged that Modi had not had the time to look after farmers and the middle class affected by the November 2016 note ban because he had been busy on world tours for most of his five-year term. “During the five years [that he has been in power], he has been touring the globe for 4.5 years,” she said. “What was he doing when farmers were committing suicides across the country? What was he doing when labourers died due to demonetisation and crores of people lost their jobs?”

In its manifesto for the 2019 elections that was released on Monday, the BJP reiterated its promise to double farmer incomes and spoke of employment generation for various groups including the youth, the middle class and women.

At another rally in Cooch Behar in West Bengal, Banerjee alleged that Modi had not “given a single penny” to the state in five years, according to ANI. “The person who makes such big claims must see what he has contributed towards Bengal,” she continued. “He was busy in foreign tours for five years and now he saw the need to come here.”

Modi had addressed a rally in Cooch Behar on Sunday and in Kolkata on April 3. Responding to Modi’s remark on Sunday that Banerjee was scared of losing to his party in the state in the Lok Sabha elections, she warned the prime minister not to threaten her, PTI reported.

West Bengal will vote in all seven phases of the General Elections, which will be held from April 11 to May 19.