The Assam floods, which have killed at least 28 people so far, have also left many animals stranded. On Thursday, a tiger was spotted lying on a bed in a house near the national highway close to Kaziranga National Park.

“The #tiger was spotted nxt to the highway at 8:30 am, moving fm the park, just 200 m away, on its way to Karbi hills abt 500 m across the National highway,” the Wildlife Trust of India tweeted. “Probably disturbed, he jumped across the wall of a scrap garage & took refuge in the dark room.”

The organisation said that the tiger has to traverse a road and a dhaba to reach the forest again. Its way is also blocked by settlements.

The Wildlife Trust of India said its team will provide the tiger a safe passage from the house to the forest. “As the sun goes down, our team with @kaziranga prepares to block the highway and clear the area to provide a safe passage to the tiger,” the trust tweeted.

The organisation said its veterinary doctor prepared to tranquilise the tiger in order to carry it from the house to the forest. “Anyone else see the irony?” the trust tweeted.

The trust had said on Wednesday that 95% of the Kaziranga National Park has been flooded because of the rainfall. It said that two baby rhinoceros were admitted to the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation.