A woman in Hindupur village in Uttar Pradesh’s Unnao district, the same area where a rape complainant was set on fire last week, has accused the police of turning her away when she tried to file an attempted rape complaint, Hindustan Times reported on Sunday. The woman claimed that the police had refused to register her complaint and told her “rape has not happened, come when it happens”.

The woman said three men from from the her village had tried to rape her a few months ago. “These three men stopped me and started pulling my clothes,” she said. “They also attempted to rape me.”

The complainant said she visited the Unnao and Bihar police stations in the district for more than three months but no one paid attention to her case, India Today reported. She identified the accused as Ram Milan, Guddu, and Ram Babu. “After the incident, I called 1090, they asked me to call 100,” the woman said. “I called 100. I reported the matter in Unnao, they [the cops] asked me to report it to the area where the incident happened.” The woman said the accused often visited her home, and had threatened to kill her if a complaint was filed.

However, the police denied any knowledge of the case. Inspector General SK Bhagat on Saturday said no one had come to him with such a complaint.

This comes amid a nationwide uproar over increasing reports of crimes against women. In the last two weeks, a woman in Unnao district has been burned alive by her alleged rapists, and a Hyderabad-based veterinarian has been murdered and allegedly raped. Her body too was burnt by the accused. The Unnao rape complainant set ablaze died in a Delhi hospital on Friday night. She had suffered 90% burn injuries.