Actor-turned-politician Rajinikanth said on Sunday that he was willing to play any role to preserve peace in the country. He made the remark after meeting members of a Muslim outfit at his residence in Chennai.

“I met representatives of Tamil Nadu Jamathul Ulama Sabai today [Sunday] and was happy to hear their suggestions,” Rajinikanth said in a tweet. “I support their statement that love, peace and unity must always be a country’s main goal. I’m ready to do whatever I can, in my capacity, to ensure peace in the country.”

Jamatul Ulama Sabai President KM Baqavi said that Rajinikanth assured the outfit that he would “do the needful”, the Hindustan Times reported. The members of the Jamatul Ulama Sabai had told Rajinikanth about the problems they would face due to the Citizenship Amendment Act, the National Register of Citizens and the National Population Register.

On February 26, Rajinikanth had blamed the Centre’s “intelligence failure” for the violent clashes between supporters and opponents of the Citizenship Amendment Act in Delhi last week. At least 46 people died and over 200 have been injured in the violence so far.

He said those in power should “resign and go” if they could not curb the violence with an iron fist.

“Definitely it is central government’s intelligence failure,” Rajinikanth had told reporters. “I strongly condemn the central government...They should have been so careful when the US President [Donald] Trump had visited [the country]. The intelligence didn’t do its job properly. It should have been completely crushed with an iron fist. We expect them to be careful at least from now on.”