The Delhi Police on Thursday said that the law and order situation in the Capital has been brought back to normal after large-scale communal violence in North East district last month left 53 people dead and injured over 500, ANI reported.

The police said it had arrested seven people for the death of head constable Ratan Lal on February 24. Two arrests have been made in the case of Akbari Begum, an 85-year-old woman who was burnt to death in her home in Gamri extension locality.

Police spokesperson MS Randhawa said that 712 first information reports have been filed and 200 people arrested in connection with the clashes, which broke out between the supporters of the contentious Citizenship Amendment Act and those opposed to it on February 23.

Randhawa said that police were using face-recognition technology to identify those accused of violence and analysing all the footage of the clashes. “Many people have come forward to record their statements,” he said.

Critics have accused the Delhi Police of either inaction or complicity during the violence, which took place between February 23 and 26. Union Home Minister Amit Shah, in his reply on the topic in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday, had said that the police had managed to bring the situation under control within 36 hours. He denied the Opposition’s claims that the police had sided with those indulging in violence and said that they had to throw stones in some cases to disperse mobs.