A journalist of Indian-origin, who tested positive for the coronavirus, has died in a hospital in New York, PTI reported on Wednesday. Brahm Kanchibhotla was a former contributor to news agency United News of India.

He is survived by his wife and daughter, according to IANS. “We have not set a date and it will have to be a very small gathering because only 10 people are allowed at funerals,” a family member, Sudama Kanchibhotla, told the news agency. The 66-year-old journalist had emigrated to the US in 1992 after having worked for several publications in India.

Kanchibhotla began to show symptoms of Covid-19 on March 23, and was admitted to a hospital in Long Island on March 28 after his condition began to worsen, The Huffington Post reported. He was put on a ventilator on March 31.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi condoled the death of the journalist and said he was “deeply anguished” by the news. “He will be remembered for his fine work and efforts to bring India and USA closer. Condolences to his family and friends. Om Shanti,” Modi tweeted.

The United States has reported by far the most number of cases of the coronavirus. According to an estimate by Johns Hopkins University, over 3,98,000 people have been infected in America, and more than 12,700 have died.

Several persons of Indian-origin are among those who have been infected in US. Houston-based IT professional Rohan Bavadekar tested positive and is on ventilator support. His wife and three children have also tested positive for Covid-19. Meanwhile, a software engineer of Indian-origin has tested positive, along with his immediate family members in the Silicon Valley, according to PTI.

Globally, the number of cases crossed 14,00,000 on Tuesday, and the number of deaths 82,000.