Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday asserted that India had become a “more confident nation” when it came to national security and securing the country’s borders, reported PTI. His comments came amid simmering tensions with China along the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh.

“The biggest consideration on geospatial regulations was on security,” Modi said, while addressing the Nasscom Technology and Leadership Forum. “India is more confident nation now which can be seen on our borders.”

The prime minister hailed his government’s role in using technology for the betterment of people. “Whether its projects related to our infrastructure or building of homes of the poor, Geotagging of every projects is being done so that they can be completed on time,” Modi said. “Even today, villages are being mapped with the help of drones, and human interface is being reduced in tax-related matters.”

He spoke of a “New India”, one that he said is “impatient for progress”. “And our government understands this feeling of a new India,” Modi added. “The aspirations of more than 130 crore Indians motivate us to move fast.”

Modi said the National Digital Communication Policy was an attempt to make India a global digital product hub. “Liberalising geospatial sector will help tech startups, empower Atma Nirbhar Bharat initiative,” he added. “Improvement in digital technologies has also reduced black money problems.”

The prime minister claimed that his government was trying to get the tech industry “out of the shackles of unnecessary regulations”. “In the past, Indian IT could not take advantage of domestic opportunity and digital divide kept widening,” he added. “Our government is well aware that future leadership cannot develop in bonds. Leadership of tomorrow cannot flourish under restrictions.”

He also lauded the role of India’s Information Technology industry during the coronavirus crisis. “When chips were down, Indian IT industry’s code kept things running, did wonders during pandemic,” he said, adding that the solutions India provided to tackle the pandemic were an inspiration for the whole world, according to ANI.

“There was a time when we were dependent on other nations even for the smallpox vaccine,” he added. “Now we are providing made in India Corona vaccines to several countries. During the coronavirus crisis, our science and technology not only proved itself but also evolved.”

Modi added that startups should not restrict themselves only to valuations on exit strategies. They should think of creating an institution that can outlive this century by creating world class products that will set the global benchmark of excellence, he said.

The prime minister said that India’s large population was the IT industry’s biggest strength. “The IT industry will have to develop solutions for societal good which leverage on the wide optical fiber cable (OFC) network we are laying across the country,”Modi added. “IT industry’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts to develop lateral thinking in rural kids can prove to be a gamechanger for India.”