There is apparently an entity called a Jammwalion to whom this movie is dedicated. Vidyut Jammwal doesn’t believe in wasting time. Right off the mark, he performs dangerous stunts atop a local train, for which his fans crown him with the title “Crakk”.

There is no wall that Siddhu (Jamwwal) won’t parkour over, no height from which he won’t jump. There’s no evidence of broken bones or even a bruise. Despite the death of his brother Nihal (Ankit Mohan) in an underground extreme sports tournament, Siddu wants to be a contestant for the huge prize money on offer.

He’s smuggled into Poland and taken to a castle, where he meets contestants from various countries. Considering how he got there, Siddu is never short of wardrobe changes or product for his long hair, which stays put no matter what he rolls under or flies over.

The tournament’s showrunner is Dev (Arjun Rampal), who presents a final, do-or-die challenge to whoever has survived three rounds. But what to do between the races?

Siddhu befriends an Indian bookie (Jamie Lever, who gets two semi-funny lines) and leers at influencer Alia (Nora Fatehi) who, of course, falls for him in an instant. Co-written by director Aditya Datt and three others (if it can be called writing), the screenplay nevertheless needs padding. A sub-plot revolves about plutonium smuggling and the Interpol, represented by Patricia (Amy Jackson) and some random white guys.

The races are mostly tests of speed and full of gladiatorial cruelty, watched by hundreds of cheering fans dressed in cosplay outfits. Can it be underground if it is seen by people all over the world, including the Jammwalions in Mumbai? The Polish authorities are blissfully ignorant of the mayhem wrought on their streets and in the skies.

For an action movie, Crakk does not have enough pulse-racing sequences, and the ones that there are remain at a cartoonish level. Jammwal’s physical prowess is awe-inspiring, but he sorely lacks in the acting department, so weeping over a murdered brother or pacifying worried parents is beyond him.

Jammwal has also produced this film, so he only has himself to blame for how dull it is. Arjun Rampal pretends like he is in Mad Max, which is probably the only way to get through Crakk – either that or a fat pay packet.

Crakk: Jeetegaa Toh Jiyegaa (2024).