The man who could succeed Barack Obama as the next President of United States of America is the subject of a biopic starring Johnny Depp. Or not.

Currently playing on the comedy website Funny or Die is a 50-minute spoof film about the businessman who has confounded expectations and won the New Hampshire primary. Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal: The Movie stars A-lister Johnny Depp in the lead, and includes advice on succeeding against the odds. The cast included director Ron Howard and actors Alfred Molina and Christopher Lloyd.

Depp wowed critics in 2015 with his makeover as Whitey Bulger, the controversial Boston thug, in Black Mass. He shot for the Trump film in December for four days, and his performance is “absolutely bananas”, promises Funny or Die’s editor in chief, Owen Burke.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet on YouTube. When it does, it will take its place alongside other hilarious Trump spoofs, including one featuring the horror movie The Conjuring and another mashup with The Big Lebowski.