If you think Tamil stars Vijay and Ajith are the only ones with passionate fanbases, think again. Devotees of music directors Ilaiyaraaja and AR Rahman are not to be discounted, says stand-up comedian Jagan Krishnan in a hilarious and insightful video.

“I like music but not music directors,” Krishnan says. “For instance, I don’t have a great opinion about Ilaiyaraaja but I’m really scared of his fans, to be honest. Actually, it is a subset of his fan group to be precise – what I call the raging ones. These are people who believe the sun rises because of Ilaiyaraaja and will glower at you and tear you apart if you believe otherwise.”

Krishnan gives a few more examples from the Ilaiyaraaja fan club to strengthen his point before moving on to the Rahman camp. “I like AR Rahman fans,” he declares. “They listen to one song of his a hundred times because they feel it is their duty to like the song no matter what.”

The best part of the set is when Krishnan talks about the reaction of Rahman fans to the teaser of Mani Ratnam’s critical and commercial dud Kaatru Veliyidai. “Rahman released one and a half words in the teaser. That’s all,” he says. “Rahman fans: ‘Oh my god goosebumps. Goose is bumping!’”

Ilaiyaraaja versus AR Rahman.