Christopher Nolan’s war film Dunkirk is celebrated for its visual mastery, background score and minimal dialogue. What if the film’s lines were removed altogether? A YouTube video re-imagines Dunkirk as an eight-minute silent film.

The fan-made video by Like Stories Of Old quotes an interview by Nolan, in which he says, “I wanted to address the story very much in the language of suspense. That is the most visual language of the film. And so it leads you towards an approach stripped down of dialogue, really looking to the visual masses of the silent era.”

Taking off from his quote, the screen cuts to the re-edited title in black-and-white. Like the movie, the video too is told in three segments: land, sea and air. To complete the silent cinema feel, shaky camera movements are suggested through the edit, which is accompanied by title cards and tense music.

Dunkirk re-edited as a Silent Film.