The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has adopted a new policy as a result of which filmmakers and distributors will no longer be able to mail any promotional material directly to members of the institution, The Hollywood Reporter has learnt. Under the new rules, promotional items, such as screening notices, invitations and CDs, will be sent through third-party mailing houses to only those Academy members who choose to receive such material.

The move will come into effect after the 90th Oscars, to be held on March 4. The decision, which will affect 7,258 voting members, was approved by the Academy’s 54-person board of governors in a meeting on December 5 last year and communicated to publicists at a meeting on Tuesday.

Studios often send such material to Academy members to promote their films during awards season. Since the Academy does not provide contact information of its membership list – a closely guarded secret – some awards consultants reportedly compile such information and charge others to use their lists. These databases often contain incomplete or outdated information, said The Hollywood Reporter.

The Academy will select the third-party mailing organisations, and provide them with the correct contact information of its members. While the Academy is likely to charge a fee for each use of its mailing service, the exact amount is unknown.