Shashi Tharoor’s Jawaharlal Nehru biography, Nehru: Invention of India (2003), will be adapted into a web series, the author and Congress MP announced on the occasion of India’s first prime minister’s 129th birth anniversary on Wednesday. A new edition of the book was launched on Tuesday.

A trailer of the series has also been released. “Pandit Nehru’s legacy is ours. What we are today, we owe in great measure to him. This is his story,” Tharoor’s voice booms over archival footage of the Congress leader and the early days of Independent India.

Producer Sheetal Vinod Talwar will serve as the showrunner while filmmakers Onir (My Brother Nikhil, Shab) and Bhavna Talwar (Dharm) will direct the series, which is scheduled for a 2019 release.

Tharoor’s bestselling non-fiction book Why I Am A Hindu (2018) is also set to be adapted into a series by Talwar.

Nehru: Invention of India (2019).