It's no secret that censor board chief Pahlaj Nihalani is a fan of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. That affection is about to be turned into a six-minute song set dedicated to the prime minister that will be released on August 15, called "Mera desh hai mahaan, mera desh hai jawaan." The Times of India reported that the song will urge the youth of India to live up to the dreams of Mahatma Gandhi and Modi.

But this isn't the first Modi song from Nihalani. Indeed, he has described it as a sequel to his 2014 single, "Har Ghar Modi," a tribute to Modi who was then only a prime ministerial candidate. And it's worth checking out.

"Har Ghar Modi” didn't just add in men of all styles – dhoti-baniyan-tika, shiny red shirts and floppy hairstyles – to the Modi bandwagon, it also helped cement a campaign slogan that the PM himself had to disavow because Hindu priests objected to it. With lyrics by Hina Khan and vocals by Krishna Beura, the song's music video, involving amazing green screen performances, has more than 19,000 views and 212 likes on YouTube.