In India all things sex-related are either unwelcome or banned, unless it's a cheap Bollywood comedy.

So this video above, called Main aur Meri Body, is a breath of fresh air, especially as it involves for a section of Mumbai's children.

Produced by Agents of Ishq a multimedia project about sex, love and desire – along with an NGO working in Dharavi, SNEHA, the film stars children from the NGO's adolescent sexuality program.

Speaking "Bambaiya", the version of Hindi used on Mumbai streets, the children start by telling us about chromosomes and how babies are made, and then get into the hormones – testosterone, estrogen and progesterone – personified here by a young boy and two little girls who explain the presence and function in our bodies. Explaining puberty and attraction, the video covers the whole cycle of life.

Told with interesting animation, the video takes neither a coy nor a moral stance, telling it like it is, with humour and grace and lack of self-consciousness. Adults would do well to watch it with their children.