if you live in Delhi, maybe the best you can do is laugh at this stark reality. That's what Rajneesh Kapoor does in his stand-up comic act.

Everyone knows the stereotypes, says Kapoor, asserting, "But I'm getting tired of this constant over generalisation, you know, that nonsense of all Delhites are loud, all Delhites are stupid, all Delhites are criminals, all Delhites are rapists."

"All Delhites are obviously not rapists right? Only men."

Or take the time the drive of a Scorpio trying to overtake his car showed him a gun. Till that time, he says, he was from Delhi too, refusing to give way. But once he saw the gun? "I realised I'm from Lucknow."

But actually, Kapoor defends Mumbai. Watch the video for the audience reaction.