Pammi Aunty is shocked to learn from Sarla Behenji, that Handa Behenji’s son’s engagement has been called off two days before the wedding. The reason, she soon finds out. is that he has come out as gay. Which doesn't surprise her, because she has suspected as much since the day he commented on her diamond set.

Not waylaid by the horror the other behenjis are experiencing, she sees this as reason for celebration. “Handa Behenji should celebrate. No need to share her jewellery with anyone. She should live it up!”

Produced by Agents of Ishq, it’s a clever monologue on why having a gay son might be better than having a straight one.

“But Behenji, on second thought, it’s for the best. At least he didn’t ruin some girl’s life...Anyway what does marrying your kids off get you? Behenji, I got Timmy married what did I get? I sit and cry to you every day.”