First, the bad news. (Assuming, of course, that you want to be immortal – or, at least, have a long, long, long life.)

Ageing takes place because of mistakes in our DNA sequence. Dying and non-replicating cells "wear down your internal economy like that friend who keeps asking for lunch money". And the body itself can't do much about it.

But now the good news, as this video by Life Noggin reveals. Recent studies suggest that the right combination of stress and oxidation to your mitochondria – which is in most your cells – may help you combat ageing.

Another option: learning from the immortal jellyfish – their adult cells can switch to being completely different cells, essentially going back to when they were babies.

And the most exciting strategy of all: become a vampire. Lab experiments show that when older mice are surgically linked to younger ones, they are able to get younger blood to enter their bodies, effectively reversing age-related conditions.