A steadily growing right-wing movement across the world has made it a tough time to belong to minority communities. The situation is all the more serious in the US with Donald Trump coming to power on the back of many racist statements during his campaign. While things may seems dire, there are some who are still willing to look for humour.

Indian-American comedian and actor Aasif Mandvi has put out a hilarious video (above) offering “Flight Safety Instructions to Brown People”. Mandvi, a former correspondent on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, begins with advice that is so on the nose that even as it satirical it seems real:

“First: Do not speak Arabic in the airport, around the airport, or really anywhere you can hear an aeroplane. If you must speak Arabic in the Uber on the way to the airport, just throw in any white sounding words: Coldplay, Farmer’s Market, Open Dialogue.”

Mandvi’s parody isn’t just about being racially profiled. “If your plane ticket is stamped with SSSS, congratulations, you’ve been chosen for secondary screening selection. You’ll be taken to a secondary room for more screening but don’t worry, all your friends will be there.”

And referring to real-life incidents, he has this to say: “Scientists, engineers, mathematicians, don’t write anything down, whatever you do. Don’t even play tic-tac-toe.”

For more of Mandvi’s racially charged humour, there’s always the brilliant web series Halal in the Family, which “introduced America’s favourite Muslim family...Don’t worry they’re not THAT kind of Muslim.” Some choice lines on bullying:

“Is that a photoshopped picture of you? In a turban? Driving a taxi?

That’s outrageous. We are not Sikhs. If you are going to stereotype us, at least get it right. We don’t wear turbans.”

"Halal in the Family"